Another decision that will hurt Netflix subscribers.

Amateurs of bingewatching and on-the-go series, winds of change are blowing over the streaming video platform Netflix. A major update could disrupt your habits, as the ability to download movies and series via the Windows app is about to disappear. While this tool was a valuable companion for offline viewing, Netflix users will now have to turn to a brand new app compatible with Windows 10 and 11, or to the mobile experience on iOS and Android to download their favorite content and enjoy the catalog of video games. But what does this evolution mean for the user experience, and what can loyal subscribers of the Windows app expect? Let’s dive together into this analysis.

The end of downloading on the Windows app

It’s an announcement that may disappoint Netflix subscribers who are loyal to their PC: the popular offline downloading feature will no longer be available on the Windows app. This decision means that for many users, streaming their favorite series and movies will now be limited to an active internet connection, a constraint that was not present before.

A new app on the horizon

But all hope is not lost! Netflix has revealed the development of a new app specifically designed for Windows 10 and 11. This app promises to include improvements and new features that could compensate for the loss of the ability to download content.

The obligation to update

To continue accessing Netflix content, users will have no choice but to update to the new app when it becomes available. Although the change may seem tedious, it will be necessary to maintain access to the vast library of the streaming platform.

Downloading remains on other platforms

Fortunately, there is a silver lining: the downloading feature of Netflix remains accessible for iOS and Android users. So, whether it’s on a tablet or smartphone, subscribers can still enjoy their movies and series offline.

The spotlight on the mobile experience

Netflix seems to be placing its bets on the mobile experience, now offering the best user experience, thanks in part to the ability to download content and an expanding catalog of video games. This strategic orientation seems to encourage viewers to turn to their portable devices for a more versatile streaming experience.